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Military containers

  • Emergency survival containers
  • ISO 1 DD expandable - watchtower
  • ISO 1C Refrigerated Containers
  • Kontejnery ISO pro armádní užití
  • Field kitchen in ISO 1C containers
  • Ubytovací kontejnery ISO 1c s balistickou ochranou
  • ISO 1C container – drinking water tank
  • ISO 1CC - sandwich containers 
  • ISO 1C sanitary containers
  • Container superstructures for ZIL military vehicles
  • Multipurpose Containers for Fire Brigade

Emergency survival containers

The Emergency Survival Container (KNP) is designed for small detached units and groups (up to 30 people) within the Integrated Rescue System (IRS), armed forces and humanitarian organizations. Primarily serves to provide basic equipment for staff commander and intervening members of the IRS. It can also be used to ensure emergency survival of up to 30 people.

It is an ISO 1C expandable container with side slides. The transition from transport to operational state is carried out mechanically.

The KNP is equipped with an electric generator, a drinking water tank and a waste water tank and a separate water management. Therefore, it can be used in areas without the possibility of connection to utility networks. The container also allows wastewater to be pumped into distant waste water tanks. When deployed, it can supply other connected equipment with electricity thanks to the electric power generator. If the container is in the transport state, the full power of the generator can be used to supply other equipment.

ISO 1 DD expandable - watchtower

Armádní kontejnery ISO 1DD WATCH TOWER je speciální kontejner určený pro použití military services, field camps, foreign missions, detached units, to protect property, borders, security, etc. Its main advantage is the possibility of rapid deployment, respectively rapid transfer and return from transport to operating state. The hydraulic lifting mechanism ensures that the watch tower is easily expanded and deployed. The container can only be used when connected to electric power supply or mobile electric power generator.

The container is primarily intended for the storage and transport of packaged and unpackaged food. Furthermore, storage of blood, medical material and materials requiring storage in a certain thermal regime.

The operation of the container is ensured by a built-in diesel generator with the possibility of connection to external power source.

The design of the container with the cooling unit ensures an internal operating temperature of -18 ° C to + 3 °C at outdoor air temperatures of -32 ° C to + 49 ° C.

Containers are available as a single and double-chamber versions.

Kontejnery ISO pro armádní užití      

Armádní kontejnery ISO určené pro nasazení v polních podmínkách, které slouží např. jako velitelská centra, kanceláře, dílny pro všeobecné použití, operační centra pro nasazení v případě živelných a jaderných katastrof, datová úložiště, prádelny, sklady, apod.

Field kitchen in ISO 1C containers – Kitchen and Food Service

Field kitchen consists of two ISO 1C containers and is intended for the preparation, storage and distribution of up to 250 meals 3 times a day in field conditions. Field kitchen operation is possible only after connection to a permanent electric power supply (or a mobile electric power generator), to a drinking water source (stationary or mobile) and to sanitary containers ISO 1CX – waste water tank. The Kitchen container is equipped with a tent shelter intended for food preparation and the Food Service container has a tent shelter in which there is a footbridge intended for food delivery. Both containers are equipped with air conditioning units.

ISO 1C accommodation containers with ballistic protection

It is an accommodation container of ISO 1C dimensions, which is designed for accommodation of people in field conditions with ballistic and explosion protection. Container provides a day and night rest for up to 4 people.

The cladding meets the requirements for protection against a milder threat according to Level M1 of Annex A to AEP-55 (C) VOL 2, Procedures for Assessing the Level of Protection of Armored Vehicles - Mine Threat, STANAG 4569, Ed. 3.

The container provides protection against an improvised threat (IED) as defined by an explosion of a 15 kg TNT spherical charge at a distance of 15 m from the container sidewall at a charge height of 1 m above the horizontal terrain plane common to the IED and the container.

ISO 1C container – drinking water tank

The container (volume of 8 m3) is designed for filling, storage, dispensing and transport of drinking water from proven sources with consumption within 48 hours. Filling with drinking water is ensured in three independent ways - filling with pressurized water, filling from mobile vehicles equipped with a dispensing mechanism for this purpose or pumping from proven sources that are not equipped with a dispensing mechanism. There are 4 independent consumption points for drinking water supply, 3 of which are designed for cold water (8°C ) and one is designed for hot water (50°C to 60°C). The container is air-conditioned (heating / cooling) with the possibility to set the required temperature of the indoor environment and is equipped with an integrated electric power generator for all equipment, which is able to work even when the container is in transport mode.

ISO 1CC - sandwich containers

Armádní kontejnery slouží jako součást velitelského stanoviště. Kontejner tvoří nosný rám, který je žárově zinkovaný, a stěny ze sendvičových panelů. Kontejner svými rozměry odpovídá kontejnerům ISO 1CC.

ISO 1C sanitary containers

Sanitary containers provide basic hygienic needs to persons in field conditions. They can be configured as toilets, showers or combination of these.

Container superstructures for ZIL military vehicles

Container superstructure - shelter for ZIL 131 military truck is designed as mobile electronic device. The interior of the container is divided into two unequal spaces by a partition with double sliding doors. Larger air-conditioned room is designed for technology, smaller room with entrance door is designed for operating staff.

Multipurpose Containers for Fire Brigade

These are "box" type design containers. Manufactured as a welded steel construction with an anti-corrosion finish and aluminum sheets. The rollers are rubberised and allow handling on the floor in the garage.

The frame of the container is designed acc. to the loading mechanism - single-arm carrier CTS 05-37-S (height of the container fitted hook - 1,000 mm)

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