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OPD utility sheds designed for installation of signalling equipment of the Czech Railways level crossing

As a standard, these sheds consist of a hot-dip galvanized construction, walls made of sandwich panels and a fiberglass roof. The materials used guarantee a very long service life with minimal maintenance requirements. On request, the sheds are made fire resistant. What is more the sheds are vandalism resistant, on request: antigraffiti coating. Other indisputable advantages include low weight and easy handling, the possibility of installation on paved surface (no concrete foundations are necessary), the possibility of full pre-installation of advanced technologies (without the necessity of subsequent installation on site), high variability of construction, possibility to combine sheds into larger units, possibility of additional adjustments, etc.

Technological containers for mobile phone (GSM) operators

Technological containers were designed for the needs of mobile operators, respectively. for installation of BTSs (Base Transceiver Stations) and their accessories. The containers are made of hot-dip galvanized steel structure and covered with profiled galvanized and painted sheet metal. Mineral wool provides thermal insulation. The roof is usually made of fiberglass. Technological containers are produced in several sizes and in many modifications according to individual wishes of customers.

Steel containers/tanks for chemicals

All-welded steel containers / tanks for storing liquids and chemicals as a semi-trailer truck. Capacity 70 m3, heating installed on request.

Air traffic control containers

Standard technological containers intended for installation of stable electronic equipment used for air traffic control and airport navigation systems. Containers protect technological equipment against bad weather, damage, theft or handling by unauthorized persons. The outer shell of the container, including all passages comply with predefined electromagnetic attenuation (EMC).

LB technology houses – various projects

LB technology houses consist of self-supporting fiberglass shells. They are manufactured in versions with or without thermal insulation, they can be equipped with wiring, ventilation, heating, etc. The fiberglass construction guarantees these objects a very long service life with minimum maintenance requirements. The external dimensions are 1560x1610x2400 (W x L x H). The technology house settles on concrete block foundations, which are part of the delivery. Upon customer's request it is possible to make modifications to the standard design (adjustment of floor and wall openings, color design, installation of air-conditioning unit, etc.).

Packaging lines for drinking water - ISO 1C containers

ISO 1C container designed for installation of technology used for plastic bottle filling with drinking water. The container is painted with special paint for military purposes. The inner side of the container is lined with stainless steel sandwich panels for hygienic design.

Containers for a gas power plant in the Philippines

Oversized containers intended for installation of transformers and other equipment for a gas power plant in the Philippines. All interior equipment of the container was assembled in the VARIEL factory.

Containers for oil pumping stations

Special containers designed for use behind the Arctic Circle. They are equipped with oil pumping technology.

Battery ISO containers

The battery container is designed for installation of large capacity batteries, including necessary air conditioning equipment. The design allows immediate installation of wiring and technological equipment.

Turbine noise dampening covers

Turbine noise dampening covers for power plants. Solid welded design including outer sheathing, sound insulation, inner perforated sheathing. Also available in stainless steel.

Mobile data centers in ISO containers

The mobile data center in a container is an alternative to conventional brick and stone data centers and helps customers adapt ICT technologies to current requirements and business. Thanks to the modular concept, the mobile data center can easily be integrated into the customer's ICT and a secure solution including full ICT equipment can be put into operation in a short time.

Key properties:

  • Standardized containers ISO 1CC, 1AA (according to ISO668)
  • Suitable for ICT installations up to 10 kW / rack, including blade technology
  • Convenient access to ICT racks from both sides (sliding rack system)
  • Common access area for all cells with an exit
  • Fully integrated air conditioning system - part of every cell including outdoor units – on-site assembly is not required

ISO containers for cryptocurrency mining

The ISO 1CC container is designed for installation of cryptocurrency (bitcoin) mining technology. Bitcoin is sent via an open source P2P network that automatically creates so-called nodes by individual transactions. These "electronic connections" are stored in a so-called blockchain, a virtual accounting book. In this book, all transactions are recorded and are publicly available. Records cannot be deleted or edited in any way. It is therefore a breakthrough technology that is likely to find application in other sectors.

Antarctica - polar station made of VARIEL containers

Antarctic Polar Research Station - made of 134 VARIEL all-welded steel containers.

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