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In addition to its traditional products, VARIEL also provides complex services in the area of sheet metal and profile processing (structural and stainless steel and aluminum alloys) using CNC technologies:

Významnou část výrobního portfolia společnosti tvoří sklolaminátové výrobky pro nejrůznější použití. 

3D laser - TruLaser Tube 7000

  • tube and profile cutting
  • external diameter Ø15 to Ø203 mm (possibly up to Ø250 mm)
  • shaped hole, groove laser cutting, slant cutting
  • maximum profile (tube) wall thickness:
    • structural steel - 8 mm
    • special steel - 6 mm
    • aluminium alloys - 5 mm
  • max. work piece length 6000 mm
  • makes welding simple thanks to shape lock cuts

2D laser - TruLaser 3040

  • maximum thickness:
    • structural steel - 25 mm
    • special steel - 20 mm
    • aluminium alloys - 12 mm
  • desk dimensions 2000x4000 mm
  • shape cutting based on drawings or DXF files

3D bending machine - NFB040-S

unique solution without pulleys

  • one tool for all bends
  • easy and fast programming
  • copying of finished products
  • high processing and production speed
  • arbitrary shapes, high precision
  • instant verification of bend accuracy on a digital scanning device
  • instant automatic program correction based on scanned values

  • tubes from Ø8 to Ø42.4 mm
  • maximum pipe wall thickness - 3.0 mm
  • tube material - steel, stainless steel
  • minimum bending radius - steel 2xD, stainless steel 2,3xD
  • maximum bending radius - unlimited

3D printer EOS P396

System for additive production of serial parts, spare parts, functional prototypes and models of polymeric materials. Production by SLS 3D printing (selective laser sintering). Reproducible and constant component quality.


  • effective dimensions of the building chamber - 340 mm x 340 mm x 600 mm
  • layer thickness (depending on material) 0.06 mm, 0.10 mm, 0.12 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm
  • print speed - up to 48mm/h
  • scan speed during construction - 6m/sec
  • input format - CAD data in STL
  • laser type CO2, 70 W

Welding Robot ABB IRB 2400L

  • welding MIG/MAG
  • travel 6500 mm, stroke 2000 mm
  • rotary positioning device – lifting capacity 5000 kg

CNC Press Brakes

  • TruBend 5320
    - compression force 3200 kN
    - maximum length 4000 mm, space between columns 3680 mm
  • TruBend 5130
    - compression force 1300 kN
    - maximum length 3000 mm, space between columns 2650 mm
  • Bending based on drawings or DXF files provided by customer

CNC Puncher TruPunch 5000

  • hole punching, shape punching, pressing, marking, recessing
  • material thickness: steel up to 8 mm, stainless steel up to 3 mm, aluminium (copper) alloys up to 3 mm
  • desk dimensions 1550 x 3050 mm
  • active matrix, brush desk
  • manufacturing based on drawings or DXF files provided by customer

CNC Sheet Metal Bender Thalmann TD 200

CNC sheet metal bender with automatic positioning of sheet metal and both side bending capacity.

  • maximum bending length 8200 mm
  • maximum width 1250 mm (deployed shape)
  • operating height 1000 mm
  • maximum material thickness:
    •   steel 2,0 mm
    •   stainless steel 1,5 mm
    •   aluminium alloys 3,0 mm
  • maximum bending angle 140°

CNC Machining Center Titan

  • 5-axis machining center for wooden, plastic and non-metallic composites
  • equipped with 2-axis head and automatic tool changer
  • maximum dimensions of work piece: 6000 mm x 3000 mm x 1200 mm (l x w x h)


Production of fiberglass has a long tradition in VARIEL. And it is not always just the roofs of containers or components of vehicles, but a wide variety of products for a wide variety of industries. They are produced either by hand lamination or by RTM method.

VARIEL Certificated Test-Room

Certificated Test-Room of VARIEL carries out full-scale mechanical tests of containers of ISO line 1 according to the Standard ČSN ISO 1496-1. Undergoing of these tests, in the presence of classification supervision, is essential part for obtaining CSC label, which is crucial for international transport of ISO containers (road, railroad, marine and air.)

Dimensions of the tested containers:

  • length:    max. 6 058 mm
  • width:               2 438 mm
  • height:   max. 2 591 mm

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